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Hay Creek Ranch - Nemo, South Dakota

Hay Creek Ranch - Nemo, South Dakota

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Everyone LOVES the new look of the site and all of the new features! Great job! We even did a drum roll before the big reveal!! :)

Mary L.

Step 1: Analysis and Planning your new website

Analysis & Planning

YOU: Provide us with information. Start out by filling out this form or giving us a call at (712) 732-9415.

US: Analyze your responses, and if necessary send you a form so we have even more details necessary for the proposal. Once we have all the information organized we will send you a proposal of what we think it will take.

YOU: Accept our proposal or have it amended to fit your needs better.

US: Provide a contract so all parties are satisfied as to where they are going with the project.

YOU: Return the contract signed. (start of Step 2).

Step 2: Design and Build the website

Design & Build

US: Design a concept or two derived from the likes dislikes you gave us in the initial planning phase.

YOU: Give us honest feedback on the designs.

US: Based on your feedback we come up with a new design from the culmination of your likes dislikes of the concepts we initially came up with.

YOU: Provide us with information and pictures.

US: Build the concept design into an actual functional website

Step 3: Finalize and Launch the website

Finalize & Launch

Finally the site is built to the design specifications outlined in the design phase.

YOU: Look through the beta website and determine what needs to be changed or if
there are any corrections.

US: Fix the changes on the site.

YOU: Look through the site again and determine if there are any other final changes.

US:Provide you with a website sign off sheet, saying it is complete and looks gorgeous!

YOU: Sign the website sign off sheet.

US: Launch your newly designed website for the world to see! (and test to make sure
there aren't any bugs)


Design, in its broadest sense, is the enabler of the digital era - it's a process that creates order out of chaos, that renders technology usable to business. Design means being good, not just looking good.
Clement Mok